Thoughts of a Warmer New Year

It’s a bone-chilling 3 degrees in Guthrie County, Iowa this morning – which is a slight improvement over the 7 below zero the last time I checked the thermometer. A frigid day – a day to put on a second pot of coffee, snuggle up and work on a project (or two), or maybe watch the Wendell Berry documentary on Netflix.

I love the words of Wendell Berry.  For no particular reason, I grabbed one of his books off the shelf this morning and opened to this – which I’m just going to leave here ……

I tremble with gratitude
for my children and their children
who take pleasure in one another.

At our dinners together, the dead
enter and pass among us
in living love and in memory.

And so the young are taught.

– Wendell Berry
From “This Day”

I’m winding down the year and dreaming of spring, but I wouldn’t wish winter away for anything!

Hope your 2018 is bright and warm!

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