Thomas & Mary Shroyer – 50th Wedding Anniversary

On January 19, 1864, Thomas Shroyer (age 19) married Mary Anderson (age 16) in Noble County, Ohio.  In 1914, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at their home in Guthrie Center, Iowa.

Thomas & Mary (Anderson) Shroyer

From The Guthrian
January 22, 1914:

The family photos below were taken on January 20, 1914 as Tom and Mary celebrated with their children and grandchildren at their home.

I have listed the names as they are listed on the back of this photo….. however we are missing one name: Birdella.  She is here, somewhere in the back row.  I just don’t know which daughter is which.

Thomas & Mary Shroyer and children.
Front Row: John, Thomas, Mary, Dave, James
Back Row: Susan, Josie, Creet, Clyde, Annie, King & Shannon

Thomas & Mary Shroyer with friends and family celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The following people are named in this photo (not in any particular order):

Thomas Shroyer; Mary Ellen Shroyer; Kate Anderson (Mary’s half-sister); John Shroyer; Mable (John’s wife); Dave Shroyer; Lottie (Ollie’s mother); Henry Shroyer; Homer Shroyer; Mary Sloss, Sam; Edna (Sloss) Rhoades; Gerald Sloss; Ollie Shroyer Lane; James Shroyer (Glen’s dad); Tillie Nagle Shroyer (Glen’s mother); Glen; Lloyd; Opal Shroyer Kaiser Hager; Stuart Shroyer; King; Maggie (Long) Shroyer; Floyd Shroyer; Victor Shroyer; Virginia (Shroyer) Carper; Shannon Shroyer; Carrie (Root) Shroyer – (wife of Shannon); Virgil Shroyer; Bell Shroyer; Beryl Shroyer; Clyde Shroyer; Belle Shroyer (Clyde’s wife); Susan (Shroyer) Shank; Albert Shank (Susan’s husband); George Shank; Ruby (George’s wife); Richard Shank (George’s baby); Arthur Shank; Iva (Arthur’s wife); Berthel Shank (Arthur’s son); Creet Sweet; Hal (Creet’s husband); Bernice Dygert (Creet’s girl);  Josie Banks; Hubert Banks; HaroldBanks; Lotus Shank Nelson; Bernard Shank; Birdell Moor; Fawn Moor; Ethel (moor) Schraderer; Marie Moor Elliott; Anna (Shroyer) Stephenson; Mark Moor; Alice (Shank) Kopaska; Ellen Shank Bosier; Mrs. Luther Pennick (neighbor) Kenneth Shroyer; Dr. Bower’s wife (neighbor).


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